Sunday, November 22, 2009

Twitter? do you use Twitter.. hmm... Calvin Chew Zhi Shen! A little help here? Please?

Friday, November 20, 2009

It takes forever to say Goodbye :'(

Dear Reyna,

I've known you for two years. And time flies. Now, you're going to Australia. Destiny is mean. But we can never change it. Can we?
I knew you were a really nice person the first time i saw you. That laugh and that smile. No one can ever forget them. I still remember the first time I talk to you. It was about where you live and everything, bout Emily Choo. Then started laughing. What a great day it was. I will never forget it.

Na, thanks for encouraging me that day. I really needed it. You did sound like my dad though ;)

I had fun with you this year :) I really did. It was a fun year. I'm glad that I've met you.

Thanks for the MEMORIES. Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!!
GOOD LUCK IN AUSSIE. All the best, Na. Come back to visit often. And don't come back all posh-like and with an aussie accent. We won't understand you ;)

LOVE YOU FOREVER REYNA! You'll always be on my mind. Always and Forever.
My life won't be the same without you. WILL NEVER. made me cry.

Dear Matthew,

Though we met only in May this year, but we became BEST FRIENDS! Haha! Because of "someone". Remember? I got your number, and then *contents too private to be shown* :) I knew you were leaving since last year but i thought it was no biggie cause i don't really know you. NOW ITS SOMETHING REALLY BIG THAT I CAN'T GET OVER! I hate you for leaving you ass. You just have to go. You are a real BEST FRIEND and A HAWT SEXY DRUMMER. CF won't be the same without you :(

I'm gonna miss that idiotic laugh of yours. It makes me laugh too! Gonna miss messing your nicely gel hair. Gonna miss throwing my purse at you :( This is LIFE.

All the best in your damn new school! Good luck in everything. Thanks for everything Matt. Thanks for the memories. Thanks for catching me when I fall.

LOVE YOU FOREVER. Life wouldn't be the same without you.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dance Floor

Hey :)

Class Party was today! And it was a success! Hah! Cause I pestered everyone bout bringing their food and all. Our class was decorated with balloons and ribbons. It was AWESOME!

I didn't use the bus this morning. My dad fetch me to school so i was SUPER EARLY. I hate the school bus cause I will be always late -.- some stupid form3 indian dude (not all indians are stupid, mind you) takes 15 minutes to get on the bus. Thank God he's leaving next year. Heh x)

Mok was sleeping in the class when I arrive. Then Manda came and helped me arrange the food. Thanks girl! Assembly was looonngg...

Class party started at 9:30. We ate a lot. I did. All of the food was great! Especially Reyna's cheesecake. Reyna, can i have the recipe please? :) Haha! Mich , Calvin and Sara brought their "twister". We laid all four of them on the floor. And it was HUGE. People from MCKLW started coming to our class. Our class was the BEST. The games and food was the BEST! A lot better then last year. Last year was crap. Then everyone started playing "Twister". Guys and girls. It was fun! It was a bit of a torture, but fun. Playing with Matt was funny. I think he and Vincent nearly died in there. Poor guy. Max Soh and Vee vern came into our class. I made them play "Twister". Its funny looking at Max's face! Hahah! Stupid Zing had to put glitter on my face. So did Weanner and Dawn. I looked like Tinkerbell. We didn't know that "Twister" wasn't allowed in our school until Esther Foo said so. Oops. We didn't know kayy..we're innocent people. The pizza came at about 11. I didn't have any. Was too busy playing.

Telematch started at 12:30 or so. I used my last pair of contact lenses :D Captainball. First match was against some form 1 team. We won! Then i subbed someone in C class. We played against form 3. THEY ARE DAMN GOOD. I was like, OMG man.. After that, my team played against the form 3 and we got trashed really badly. *points too embarrassing to be shown* But the thing is to have fun!

Helped clean up the class after everything. It was kinda tiring cleaning the class. The tables were so dirty. Yukk. We got bored and played Limbo using the broom. Reyna and Herrvena is so good at it :) In the end, it was a GREAT DAY.

Thanks again everyone for contributing! For those who didn't (you know who you are *stares angrily*)..IT ISN'T OKAY! But never mind. Don't do that again. I forgive you :D

I still have glitter on me...

Credits to: Amanda, Jo, Mich, Sarah and mdm Sim for the decorations :)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rain rain rain

Hey :)

I had breakfast this morning! Haha! x) Guess what i had. RICE! Lols. I'm not crazy okay.

I had to bring my guitar to lure Grass (Weed) to come to school today. And it worked. He came to school today. Hah! Am I pro or what? But then i regret that I brought it to school... :( Gonna polish my baby guitar :D

No activities in the morning. Stayed in class. Pumped balloons for class party :) It was fun pumping balloons. Thanks Mich for buying the balloons! Appreciate it woman! The balloons kept on bursting though. Thats why you can hear girls screaming all the time. Guys are useless. As usual.

Netball today. First game was against C class.. Sure die. 7 nail man.. C is just too PRO. I didn't play :) Netball isn't my thing. Decorated our class after the game. Got madam Nurul's approval. We had fun decorating. Haha! More balloons burst though. One of it burst in Sarah's face. Poor Sarah. Hope you're okay. Reyna had fun playing my guitar and singing and laughing. I like Sarah's idea of the buffet thing.

Mich signed me up for captainball, open tournament. But guess what, it RAINED! Rain, rain go away..please just go away.. :'( We didn't play. Pfft. Went back to class and sat there.. It was a bore. We vandalized a balloon. Poor thing. Had to carry a stack of books home. All the exercise books...It heavy. Plus, i have to carry the guitar. Tiring much. Thanks Tim for offering to help :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Hey :(

Today was TIRING!!!! Aaaaa!!!! It was very cold this morning. No hot shower so I was shivering. From now on, I'm not having breakfast 5:30 in the morning. I nearly feel asleep and my face nearly went into the cereal.

Creative model building was crap. But at least our little futuristic basketball court was cute :) Yes Ash, Kar, Weann, Mich, Sarah? Haha! the plastercine was soft, so the thing couldn't stand. Its cute kayy, its cute :D

Games ain't fun :( W class is a sore loser. No offense. I know you girls wanna win basketball really badly but it still not fair. And you don't have high 5 in front of our faces. It hurts a lot.. :( I guess we didn't try our best too... Handball was against C. Knock out system. We lost. But it was a GOOD GAME one cheat or anything. Plus, we lost to them by 1 point. We keep on having a tie. This means that we're gonna be as good as C! And you all know how pro C class is... Good game C!

Captainball was BAD!!!! Was against K class. Knock out system. We lost. How unexpected.. I got hit everywhere. Yes. EVERYWHERE! Ouch. Very pain. And I'm very tired.. :( It wasn't fair. Ash didn't even touch the captain. But at least Jia Qi was okay la. Though she hit me a lot of times. But its okay.

Went back to class and sulk know what happened. I felt totally useless.. Then Reyna came and save me :) THANK YOU REYNA!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!! :) I cry because of your very touching speech. And that you're leaving next year. If it wasn't for you.. I don't know what will happen to me.

And Matt Khoo, hope you're alright :)

notice that i didn't put the smiling smiley up there? It wasn't a good day..

And, Matt Khoo, I'm glad you read my blog. I thought you don't bother

3 more days :'(

Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm here for you (:

Hey :)

Today was okay. I don't know why was I looking forward to today.. I must be a dumbo xP The water was cold in the morning...

Assembly was kinda long today. Listening to her talk.. Mdm came into our class and told us some people will be changing class!! Aaaaa! Eu Jin, Grass (Weed) and Jun Xiong changing class.. I will miss Grass the most. Cause I'll miss bullying him. Telematch was the first activity in the morning. Had much fun! (: There's this throwing egg thingy. Haha! Thank God I didn't kena. Or else I'll stink! x)

Borrowed SOMEBODY's shirt today (: Watch the guys play captainball. They're okay. We're one of the leading class for chess. Yay! Kick their arses man! We got trashed by M for Captainball girls. Yes. I know. I friggin' suck :'( They could have done better without me. I am a failure. Maybe I should not play tomorrow. Ah well.. i have a feeling they're pissed at me :( It rained half way, so we couldn't continue playing. Which ain't fun. IT JUST HAVE TO RAIN!! AGAIN!!

Saw Matt pissed today while playing captainball with L class. Scary much.. o.O Knowing you Matt Khoo never read my blog, you'll never know. Its so hard to organize the class party -.- Dude! Is it so hard to cooperate??!!!! All you guys want is to have fun and not doing anything. How is it gonna work man?! You BOYS are useless!!!! FRIGGIN' USELESS!!!!! *screams* Thank God for Reyna. Hmph.

Got home and my baby cousin was crying. Well she wasn't anymore when she saw me! :) But she did cry again when i went to bath. Kids... too spoilt. Web call Matt after I bath. I look like a mess. Don't I?

Why do you have to leave??!!!! Especially you two, Matt Khoo and Reyna!!!!!!!! :( I will miss you guys the most!!

4 more days to spend with them. Appreciate time people :D

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Week ends..

Ouch. Ulcers :'( Not fun.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

When we met

Hey :)

It was a rather boring day. I skipped breakfast again! I know I know..breakfast is the most important meal of the day and bla bla bla.. I need to sleep man! I nearly miss the bus today cause I was reading this book and I was so engrossed and lost track of time. x)

Spelling Bee was the first activity in school today. Really boring! I was half dead in there. P didn't win again.. Reyna should have participated. Went to the hall for the finals and it was BORING!!!! :P Yoong Keat was scolding me cause i talk too much. Matt came late today. Dentist appointment?

We didn't have any games today. There was suppose to be Netball but I don't know what happened, it wasn't on. Watch our class guys play basketball today. Spend time with Matt :) The guys got third place like us. Other than that..nothing interesting happened.

Suddenly Handball popped up. Arghh!!!! But we didn't play. So we stayed under the sun for nothing. I'm starting to get a headache :P

Had basketball training after school. I couldn't get any ball in! I only got 1! And thats really bad :( Sang "We wish you a Merry Christmas" to Jia Qi while playing. Haha! She thought i was nuts :) I was just being really hyper! But then it rained. The trainer wanted to kill us. xO

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

You're the world to me :)

Hey :)

I didn't have breakfast again. I needed more time to sleep :)

BK competition today! Wei Jin said that we totally trash the other class. But the mic wasn't working. But we did good, didn't we? :) Watched a movie after that. Muslims students went to the library. The movie was good. Quite touching cause I kinda cried. Only a teardrop fell. ONLY ONE! I manage to hold my tears back. I tend to cry everytime someone preach about God. That's just me, Isabelle.

Had late break. I brought sports shoes today. For basketball of course. My sole hurt because I didn't wear proper shoes yesterday. We got trashed by W and K. Well, not badly trashed but 1-0 and 1-0..sigh...we beat C though! So, we got third place. Better than last year :) I cried when we lose to K. Blame the referry. Stupid Max and Victor. Especially Victor. I think he's blind. Pfft. I didn't cry even though W won cause I gave both of them a good trashing. Hah! In your pimply face xP

The guys did good too! :) But we just couldn't beat W. They're just too damn good. Ah well... I didn't talk to Matthew the whole day today. I snapped at him again. I was pissed okayy... Sorry Matt. Knowing that you don't read my blog, you won't read this too.. So too bad! I did apologize..

Thank God it didn't rain. Need to take a nap. I'm exhausted....

*throws myself on the bed*


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'll wait. Even if it takes forever :)

Hey :)

Today was tiring. Form 1 went to FRIM. There's where we went last year. A day without form 1s x)

Some dumb art competition this morning. I never like art competition.. :P The title was "Year 2057" 100 years after independence day. I drew some crap xD Haha! Not interested to win anyway.. The cooking competition went well, i think. Last year was better though :) Jo smelled like ashes or something.. Poor girl. Tim had his drums exam today so he had to go home early... Hey hey, we have a new name for Kar's _______. Its starfish! We might still change it.. not really confirm. And Stupid Grass will be called Weed from now on. Thanks to Sarah :)

Basketball competition today. *hapee hapee* Haha! It was unexpected cause it was suppose to be Handball and netball today but...then...there seem to be some yea.. Knock out system for Handball and Netball man...i do hope we win :)

We won for basketball! :) P class girls that is.. We beat M, 5 love, and L, 1-2. Sorry if I hurt anyone! So so so very very very sorry! And sorry that i scolded you guys, and thanks. I was feeling very frustrated, tired, and felt like slapping someone.. My left foot hurt now.. Ouch. I have to pay the price for winning too kayy...

Had BK practice in the chapel at 2:45. It went well, i guess.. :P

Technically, our class guys are useless.. So we girls will show you guys how useless you are. Hah x)

Now, where did I put my chocolates...??

Monday, November 9, 2009

Dear Chocolate, will you marry me?

Hey :)

Today was another GREAT day! Form 2s went for excursion to Beryl's chocolate factory and Sunway wildlife park.

We had assembly in PJK shirt and jeans. Hah! x) There's only 5 buses and there's 6 classes. So P class (my class) had to split up! Argh!!! So not fair..! Why can't they arrange 6 buses.. Mich and my cam whoring plan was ruined. eesh.. :P

I was in M bus with Ash, Weanner, Amanda, Calvin and Tim. Sarah and Mich was in K bus .i think... Kar was in C bus..with Jo and Grass.. Haha! Eu was with them too..i think.

Sitting in M bus is not that bad..i guess. :P Ash slept in the bus, and she wasn't in a good mood.. Beryl's chocolate factory smells like chocolate! :) Made Ash hungry! They let us watch some video of chocolate. Made Ash even more hungry! Heh. No camera inside though.. :( Eu bought chocolate for Jo. So sweet right? :)

Anyway, after that, we went for lunch. On the bus, there's this guy who was talking and talking and TALKING, and mdm ask us to listen and i was like, ok..yea...uh huh...and continue listening to my music. :D like i will listen. pfft.

Lunch was A&W..hah. Burger and fries. And root beer. Kar said it taste like medicine.. :P You can't get good food on cheap trips x) Sunway Wildlife park after that. Pretty boring. We had to wait for all the buses to arrive then only we can go. Its was boring,hot,humid and oh crap..they took a damn long time x)

There's a guy wearing this shirt and i took a picture of it. I'm not the only one who took though

So funny right? x) Cute, at the same time

Thats the only interesting thing..hmm..other than that, others are boring. It didn't take us long to finish the wildlife park. Nothing much anyway. Petting zoo was ok. The animals are so cute!!! Haha! Took a 'train' ride around Sunway Lagoon. But SOME people din get yea..unlucky people. they have to walk. It started to rain after that. just have to rain. I am drenched. Again. not so bad, but, drenched. We had to stay at the petting area until 2..ah well..

Went back at 2:15 :) And was very sleepy. Got back to school at 2:45? yea..Hang out at the canteen

Slept on the bus on the way home. Hair got stuck at the window. Ouch.

Ate lots of candies today. Tim was sick of eating my cotton candy. Haha! Sorry for making you eat! :)

Oh. Thanks Meng Kit for the keychain. I like purple. And i like keychains. :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Hello :)


I love this song.

I'm currently crazy over it!

Jason Mraz ft. Colbie Caillat

Across the water across the deep blue ocean
Under the open sky oh my, baby I'm trying
Yeah I hear you in my dreams
I hear your whisper across the sea
I keep you with me in my heart
You make it easier when life gets hard

I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again

They don't know how long it takes
Waiting for a love like this
Every time we say goodbye
I wish we had one more kiss
I wait for you I promise you, I will

I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
I'm lucky we're in love every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday

And so I'm sailing through the sea
To an island where we'll meet
You'll hear the music, fell the air
I put a flower in your hair
And though the breeze is through trees ???
Move so pretty you're all I see
Let the world keep spinning round
You hold me right here right now

I'm lucky I'm in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where I have been
Lucky to be coming home again
I'm lucky we're in love every way
Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed
Lucky to be coming home someday

Ooohh ooooh oooh oooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
Ooooh ooooh oooh oooh ooh ooh ooh ooh


Hey :)

Today was great! Ash and Eu Jin came to my house in the morning, like 9:30? Didn't do much at home anyway..

We went to church at 11:15 and nearly slept. x) Lunch was chicken rice :) Eu Jin and I were STUFFED. Thanks to Ash for not eating the clams and my mom who kept on giving us clams. xP Eu Jin bought Slurpee after lunch. Brain freeze people :)

Went to Meng Kit's house for BK practice and damn, the weather's HOT. We didn't really practice at first. Eu Jin and Ryan was messing around. Ah well, boys will be boys. We started practicing in Meng Kit's hall. Lots of disruptions..for example,
Eu Jin sang off tune.
Eu Jin sang the wrong note.
I sang the wrong note.
I forgotten the lyrics.
The pizza man came....
Meng Kit didn't have enough money to pay the pizza man.

Meng Kit had to borrow money from Eu Jin..
Eu Jin and Ryan made a song about the pizza man..
phew..thats about it. :)

Then we finally get to practice! It was okay, i guess. Had pizza for tea. Eu Jin made a mess again! Whats wrong with you man?! xP haiyoo... We practiced again.. After that the guys went up to play the comp or something..the girls were down there talking, playing with Meng Kit's iPhone and guitaring. 'Twas AWESOME. Haha! Random much.. xD

I went home at 5. Dropped Ash home, Eu Jin followed me back. Sorry Ash that my mom couldn't fetch you back in time! I'm so sorry! Wasn't Was my fault. My mom's really inconsiderate sorry. I know.. Eu is gonna have a hockey match tonight so he couldn't join me for dinner.. Eunice, I'm so sorry that i couldn't fetch you home. I feel so guilty. *guilt piling up on me* :'(

At least we had a great time rightt? :) And Ryan, you're an ass for calling me using Meng kit's house phone. For no reasons! ok..that's about it.

List of mess Eu Jin did
  • kicked a football into a plant
  • kicked a football into an orange plant (some oranges dropped)
  • threw an orange unto the neighbor's wall (with visible orange mark)
  • kicked the football to the neighbor's house
  • accidentally spilled coke unto Michelle's pants
ps: Matt Khoo, that football was yours
pps: Matt Khoo, the paint on my yellow PJK can't come off!!! grr...

Friday, November 6, 2009


Hey :)

The Leo Carnival was today. It was fun. I guess. But the weather wasn't great. It just have to rain.

Mich and Sarah didn't come. Lazy people. Not coming also didn't tell me. *sticks tongue out* hmph. Not many people came anyway. So its just Kar, Ash, Weann, Amanda, Reyna and me.

Reyna wanted the guitar. Its 300 points. So we had to play a lot of games! And i mean A LOT.

The first game we played was some water shooting game. We were first to play so everyone was staring. Really scary. We're against Matthew's gang. And he just have to shoot me. Of course the guys won. Cause they're GUYS! My yellow PJK shirt was all paint. Orange paint.

I didn't play the next game. It was Fantasy world. Mini games :) It was so funny watching them play :D especially Reyna. Haha! x) But then we had to stop for a while. Thanks to the rain.

Then we played the IQ test thingy. Got drenched and gave Matthew a BIG HUG!! Seriously drenched. But the paint on my shirt still wouldn't come off. Ah well...

Well, it started to get boring after we played all the games. And we only got 86 points. Long way to 300. In the end, Shu Yi and gang got the guitar. SORRY REYNA! xP We tired, but we couldn't. Spent the points on Oreo. It was good, okayy..better than nothing :) I played with the square thingy that Reyna had.. it was fun! :)

We fell asleep in the canteen at 2:15 pm..some of us did..not all...ate food after that! Shared cup noodles with Na! :) I did a lot of things with her yea.. :D

Went home and was still wet. My shoes are squeaky and yucky. I think i'm catching a cold..


Oh oh oh! Thanks Matthew for the souvenir! :) Its really nice and pretty.
I really like it :D

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just another day without you

Hey :)

School was quite boring. Syaharan was a bore. I was about to die in there. But i played with Weanner's hair :D You can actually tie her hair. Haha! Break was boring too.

It was raining today. So there wasn't any games. Dang. I wasted another pair of contact lenses! :(
there was suppose to be netball and handball and futsal today! But nooooo....cause it rained and the floor wasn't dry. So we ended up lepak-ing in the class. Herrvena was cam-whoring since yesterday.

Was feeling very sleepy so i lie on Weanner. Then on the floor. Then Mich came and slept on my butt, Weanner lie on Mich. Then Pamela came, and scolded us. So we scram. And she started copying name, those who are talking. She only copy down those people she knows. whatsherproblem?! ah well.. :)

Went to Ryan's house. After helping my mom peel onions and garlic and ginger. Prank call Zhuo Wei. Sorry! x) So now i smell like onions and garlic and ginger.

Matthew came back from Japan!!! :) Yay!!! He just called me. Get to see him tomorrow. After a week of not seeing him. He must be damn happy cause he gets to see HER. Right matt matt matt?! Haha! And oh, matt, you're gonna get it tomorrow. Watch out.

Got another email from HIM. *happy dance*

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The world came crashing down

Hey :)

Worst thing happened yesterday.. :( So, from now on, I'm ditching my phone. Cause my phone is the bridge of communication...we don't talk much in school, that's why. So don't blame me if I didn't pick up your call or reply your messages. Sorry.

School was fun today! :D though i didn't do much. The Patriotic song competition was today. The form 1s were cute. 2C was GREAT man. Especially Ain. Her voice was like, WOAH. I hope our class did good. *prays* Madam Intan didn't wanted to tell us who won. She's so mean x) And and and, Huei Minn's dress was nice :D

I played badminton! And I'm starting to be good at it, right Kar, Mich, Ash? :D I use to hate badminton cause i suck at it. But I didn't realize how fun it was until today :) I still hate ping pong. :P Kar and I shouted to Madam Norasimah from the hall but she didn't see us. Haha! She was soo funny! Then I saw this little form 1 guy walking and i wanted to shout :" FATTY!" But, naaahh... :)

Tomorrow. Handball. Wish us luck! I wasted a pair of contacts today cause i thought today was handball. oops...

Just had dinner. Not feeling very well. I think....i need to lie down a bit. I just received an email from him :) *smiles smiles smiles* okay.. need. to. lie. down.

*drops dead on bed*

Sunday, November 1, 2009


*We're just missing the Weanner here*

Hi world! :)

I feel like talking bout them today. Since i have nothing to talk about. They're really important people in my life. Without them, i'm nothing. So, its them.

1.) We've been really close. Until and after concert. :d I know I talk too much. Sometimes. Sorry if you don't like it. :( cause I didn't mean to. I just wanted to make you laugh. It seems like you love THEM more than US now...because of HER
. I know she's really nice. Everyone love her :) So i guess they're more fun, huh? *sulks* i just hope that we'll be close again, like last time. I really love it when you call me or even say my name. I really miss you :(

2.) I LOVE ♥ to say 'hello' to you. The way you say it makes me feel loved :) Like you're happy to see me. You're a great person. I will be there for
you if you need me :) always

3.) New to us :) But weloveyou.

4.) Yea you. you're really FUN!!! =D but sometime you go really quiet. And you wouldn't open up. Don't let family problem bother you :) we're her
e to listen. I still remember the first time you said 'hi'.

5.) I have only one thing to say. HYPER. Don't bother about what people say about you. Or why they don't like you. Just be yourself. That's why
you're loved. :D

6.) I
love ♥ you a lot. But you just don't realize :) and you can be a real asshole. Flirting with other girls to make me jealous and to get my attention? I guess you won this time.

7.) I
don't like you.

8.) Don't get me wrong but i really love you. So don't always complain that i don't like you during BM class :) it can be annoying

number 1 is the longest. Cause..i feel like telling her but i just don't dare :P