Friday, January 29, 2010

Kisses blown are kisses wasted,
Kisses aren't kisses until they are tasted.
Kisses spread germs which are hated.
So kiss me baby,
I'm vaccinated

Wednesday, January 27, 2010



Sarah! :D
Sorry I couldn't go to school today :( Your card is still with me... oh wells...
I remember how we became close friends! Haha! That time was lame man..We'll just keep it in our memories :)

Have an awesome birthday Chew :D get lots of prezzie and hope your mom will bring you to Starhill. haha! :) I like that place too. God bless! Oh and, good luck in PMR and enjoy being a prefect :D You'll be a perfect prefect :)

'Cause when you're fifteen and somebody tells you they love you
You're gonna believe them
And when you're fifteen feeling like there's nothing to figure out
Well, count to ten, take it in
This is life before you know who you're gonna be
-Taylor Swift

I know you love her :DD Haha!


can't wait till Saturday :D

Life couldn't get any worse

Dang! I didn't go to school today! And its Sarah Chew's BBBBBBBBBBBIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGG day!!!! And I bloody hell missed it! Gah! (sorry for swearing) I. am. such. a. failure. :( Plus its full dress rehersal for United Nation Day. I have a feeling Kar and Herr is gonna kill me for not being present. And soreeee Tim, you're dancing without a partner D:

Why didn't I go to school?

Ok, I finish doing my homework at 11:35pm. Then I went to the toilet. When I came out, I slip and fell on my FACE! Dude, my FACE!!! All my weight was on my teeth so front tooth went in.. It was very pain. :( I woke my parents up. I got scolded for being so careless. I was so not my fault! -.- blame the damn rug. I nearly fell because of it the day before yesterday and fell again the next morning and again last night. My lips are swollen and my teeth couldn't stop bleeding. Thank goodness Tim was still awake. He sleeps at 12! :) I bet the 5 of them are already away in Dreamland so I didn't disturb them. THANK YOU TIM WAI!!!!! :D You're a life saver! :) and THANKS MATTHEW for staying up talking to me :) I really needed to talk to someone.

Oh gawd, I woke up from a very very very weird dream. :O Kar quit from being a monitor! And I was so mad at her that I also quit being an assistant monitor. Some other stuff also happened but I forgot what. Sometimes, I really wish that I could record all my dreams and then watch it the next morning. Wouldn't it be great? :D My teeth is better now but not my lips. I look like a duck.

Went into the store room and dribble my basketball for a while and great! I broke a nail. Nice.. -.- Maybe Tim was right, maybe covering my wind chime with the curtain is bad luck. Thats why I tied my curtain up this morning! Haha! :D I'm going to school tomorrow with a mask! Tim's idea again..which is BRILLIANT! Cause I don't want to go to school looking like some retarded duck.

Gonna go to the dentist later.

Gonna do Sarah's birthday post now.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Owl City

OMGIDON'TKNOWWHATISWRONGWITHMETODAY!! I'm suddenly crazy over Owl City. Gawd.. I love their songs! :DD

Their song "Vanilla Twilight" reminds me of YOU :) Don't ask me why.. Cause I have no idea.. :P

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Live. Laugh. Love. Learn

Hey :)

Today was just another typical, boring Sunday when you wake up at 9 to go to Sunday School and Confirmation class :D I went to church yesterday so I dont have to today :) No confirmation class today! Lucky me.

I chat with Matty Boy after lunch as usual. And I just got skype! haha! still trying to get use to using skype :) We like, send funny pictures and links to each other. Haha! Guess what, Matt send me a picture of Chern Xi in his undies. OMG man! Of all people Chern Xi. He looks like *swears* and he has"big abbs". Nice matt. Pardon me swearing. Matt oh Matt..I will show you "hot girls" one day.. when i get the pictures!

I was planning to go to gym today. But its only for people above 16. I do look like 16 :D of course I didn't sneak in! Oh I saw Dharshen in RSC. Then I followed my dad to KLGCC. And there i saw Matthew Chin :P I wanted to go bowling but then the club is still under renovation. Only the golf course is free. Jeez...I went to play golf with my dad. Haha! I don't know how to play so i just simply hit the ball and it flew! :D Oh yesh i'm pro. The club's toilet is really nice. I went into the sauna :D its so damn hot!

I saw Zhan Yang in Magic Wok restaurant while having dinner.. -.-

Kar, please don't retire! :'( I don't wanna be monitor! Assistant is good enough.. Your ______ is ______ too kayy.... *pouts*

Don't worry Matty, your ______ will reply. sooner or later :D

Friday, January 8, 2010



Its sad that you're not in P class anymore! D: Who ask you to talk so much last year? Haha! It was partly my fault cause I always bully you :D I like sitting with you. You make me feel smart. And don't forget bout your niece which is my baby guitar so that makes us brothers and sisters.. wait.. that ain't good. Cause I'll be another grass. And I don't want to be grass cause I'm douche x) Sorry people, douche and grass language :D

Anyway.... Have an awesome birthday and hope you'll get lots of prezzie! :D And that you won't get tuition classes as birthday present from your parents. I'll try to get you a prezzie. I really don't know what to get you.. :P

IMY Grass/Weed :D
Don't forget to hang out with us :) And come for CF!!! Oh, salt taste salty, Grass :D

notice everything is in green? Cause you're grass!!! and grass is green. Douche is colourless. Hah! x)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Its Thursday! :D

Hey :)

Ooo..its already Thursday :D Time flies.

I hate it when time passes really slow when you want it to go quickly and when you're having loads of fun, its passes so fast. *looks up into the sky* God, you did this on purpose, didn't you? But thats so mean! :(

Kar and I talked about babies today :) She wanna have 2 babies! Haha! I wanna have 2 babies too :D i want a girl and a guy. Ashley wants 3 babies! She's gonna be really busy :D I know this is weird but, i can't help it. I'm really weird. Sometimes. But these things are like, years away..

I'm still not use to being an assistant monitor. I dont feel like form 3. Oh wells, when the homework comes, i WILL feel like form 3. We have so many projects to do! Ah!

Reyna came and visit us today! I miss her a HELL lot. Luckily I didn't cry :D

Matty and Ah Yip visited yesterday. Ah yip! You didn't grow! :( I'm so disappointed!

I will try to update my blog often :P Sorry if i don't

Monday, January 4, 2010

First day of S.C.H.O.O.L.!

Hey :)


I woke up at my usual time, 5:30am. And, YAY! school! I was kinda blur so I nearly trip over my loong pants. I planned to have hard boiled egg for breakfast, I planned it yesterday night! It was a failure D: pfft. It was a HALF BOILED egg instead. I don't like half boiled eggs. They're so yuck. I bath after breakfast even though my mom told me not to but oh wells...decided to wear contacts today :D Bus was late as usual. Stupid bus driver -.-

Bus people was REALLY HYPER! I was laughing when these two tiny form 2 kids were talking bout a new bus comer. The bus is a crazy place :)

Got to school LATE!! Ahh! I hate the bus driver. I could just slap his face until he has no face. I was scrambling down the bus then to class. so excited! I SAW MICHELLE WONG and was like screaming! Haha! OMG I MISS YOU!!! No one was in class. Everyone was in the hall cause its raining. Formal assembly. I went into the hall with Eugene Yeo. At least he's late with me :P Its so great to see everyone! Assmebly was loooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg.... Desiree got 7As for PMR! :D Yay her!

3 new students in our class. All girls. They are, Beh Shin Yee, Siew En Xin and Tan Hui Woon. I don't really know them YET. Our homeroom is madam Rozita. She's nice :D We get to sit anywhere we like! So I'm sitting with Weanner! Behind Kar and Ash. Sarah and Mich is beside us. Its great to see the crazy Kar :) I miss being crazy with her. Ooh! And she's our monitor this year! Hui Woon is treasurer, Jo is err...the person who make sure the class is clean and everything. I'm assistant monitor! :D well, probationary. Meeting every Monday but I guess there isn't meeting today :) Our class is okay..I guess..Reyna, Eu Jin and Leon (Grass) not with us anymore D: the class feels so empty without them. Plus, I still can't believe that Matt isn't in our school anymore. My head keep on telling me that he isn't in our school anymore but my heart didn't believe. sigh... :( Leon! i miss you the most! I even get to talk to you today! Never mind, I'll find you tomorrow. It ain't fun having Ethan in our class -.- such a flirt I went up set for Maths! Yay! So, my BM is set 3, English set 2 and Maths set 1!

We didnt have maths today. Good news! Madam Intan is teaching set 1 maths! We are so lucky. I love her man! x) English teacher is madam Sheela. She's strict but okay. Madam Ewe was our BM teacher. She's also AWESOME. She's so funny! But she made me re-copy my novel. So not fair. I did everything! :( sigh..We got good teachers these year. Not all subjects but most of it we got the good teachers.

First day of school is always great! :D But I still think that Im form 2. Have to get use to being form 3! PMR year! *screams* Not use to the new form 1s. It feels weird to be senior for the lower sec. I'm getting old! Oh shit, I'm missing one of the pages for my diary.

Lots of work today! Great.. *stares at pile of work* Gotta start wokring now...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day before school!

Hey :)

Its the last day of holiday! Ahhh! I'm like, happy and sad. Happy cause I'm gonna see my friends! Sad cause I gotta wake up early. 5:30am. Crazy. Plus my dad won't drive me to school D:

School life is starting! :): happyorsad...hmm...

Just got a haircut :P Hair is short..

Gonna go for a wedding dinner now :D


Weanner I'm sitting with you in class! :D

A small note to YOU:

I can't online tonight. Sorry.. :( I'll make it up to you.


Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year Resolutions

Gee.. I forgot bout New Years Resolutions :O

Here goes..

1.) Get all As for PMR!!
2.) Update this blog!
3.) Keep in touch with camp friends :)
4.) Sleep early
5.) Study real hard

Ok.. I hope it'll work out.

Here comes 2010! :D

Hey :)


Its 2010! Haha! I stayed up and watch fireworks :D They're really pretty. I can see fireworks from Hartamas, KL, The Curve and 1U and a lot of places :) I can hear children laughing. Its just so nice. Received a lot of text. And ______ called. Then _____ texted. Then I called ______. And we talked for like 42 minutes. Gonna top up again*stares at phone* slept at 2 something because I can't sleep. Too happy until I can't sleep. I guess..

Woke up at 11 today. My sister barged into my room -.- Cousin came at 11:30 and I still haven't change. Went to Godpa's house at about 3:30 :) TIMOTHY ONG was sleeping! :) Haha! I hope you like your little prezzie, Jennifer :) I chose it and its from Turkey. Watch a funny movie in Godpa's house. Everyone was laughing like crap x) Oh wells..