Friday, November 19, 2010


Today is the last day for me in Malaysia cause later imma take a G6 to Japan :)

Bye Love :)

A Bittersweet Ending :')

No no no, it was never sweet. Separations are never sweet. They're way more than bitter. Way wayyyyyyyy more. 

Sarah Chew! Grr... Like that lah now. Ditch us to go to Australia. You think Australia so much fun ah, huh?! Well actually yes, funner than Malaysia. 

Now I know why your mom named you Ashley, cause it rhymes with Ass :)
Think you so cool going to International school lah now! No no, its NOT cool! WMS is cooler ;) cause there's me and you and all other people :D

Aiya Mich, you left already. Only one thing to say, LAME! :D

Sigh, you're leaving too :(  You know that there will never be anyone else like you. You really are one of a kind Zing :) ALWAYS BE YOURSELF!

Keep us in your memories as you will always be in ours :) All the best in whatever you do and wherever you are. Make the right decisions. Especially you Ashley. Sarah has an egg head so i'm not too worried bout her. Don't turn into assholes when you come back and visit often! :) Love you guys always and forever 

So yea, these are the awesome people who are leaving. Damn mean right? Well there are others who are leaving too.

Amanda Tan

My high5 buddy :'(

Michelle Yeoh

Ethan (termakan)

and some other people. sorry if i didn't mention your names. Brain not functioning.

Like they say, you don't appreciate someone until they're gone. You don't know the meaning of true friendship until they're really gone. But the memories remains,no? Sweet, sour, salty or bitter. They remain ;)

Can miles truly separate you from friends.... If you want to be with someone you love, aren't you already there? -Michelle Wong

Yea, no wonder i love you guys so much too. Cause I'm already there :)

My heart feels so heavy yet empty cause there's a part of me thats missing and will never be filled up unless i''m with you guys. My life will never be the same.  -Isabelle Foo

Not bad? anyone?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dear Michelle Wong

This is how your picture will turn out if you use Picnik :) 
Cross Process though. Nice wording, no? But can use very limited things there :( So just use photoscape. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cause life's like that

So did anyone enjoy their weekend? :) I know i did.

Dad bought me a new DSLR. YOOHOO! :D HAHAAH. Sorry I'm high. Its a Nikon D7000. The one that just came out. So I was being lifeless for once in my life and took a few pictures with this awesome cam :)

My brother, Ian! :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I wish my memories came with "√ Save", "メ Delete" and "► Play" buttons

Hello dangerous world :)

Today was pretty awesome, no P-ers? :)

The guys had their boys brigade activities this morning while the girls and the muslim guys did the festival decoration thingy.  Hey hey P! Our 'kolam' was not bad! Sadly, i don't have a picture of it.

Basketball rocked today! :) For P girls i mean. Against W and K today. I didn't expect to win W cause they're really good but we did . K class....i don't know lah! But we won anyway :) But the guys lost the W for basketball :( its okay guys! You did great anyway! :)

WE P GIRLS DON'T GIVE A SHIT BOUT VOLLEYBALL! :) wow i just realize i keep on talking bout P, sorry, I'm so self centered at times. So we lost all the volleyball matches. HAHAH. Don't expect to win. We've been last for the past two years x) So PFFT! But the guys won both the volleyball match. Not bad :)

First Interact meeting today! It was awesome and scary at the same time. So strict!

My friends complain that I have low self esteem. I'm born with it guys. I need some cockiness and ego in me. I shall be cocky from now on. Happy?
Ash said my stump ( cause i tie my hair and it looks like a stump -.-) is growing longer, and I told her imma cut it again! >:D I'm going to Japan to cut it then let it grow again xD Plain lifeless.

I can't wait to go to Japan for some reasons. I don't know why.

Though I'm so tired i think i could die, I'm still gonna watch CSI and call you tonight :D

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Thats my new Skype name :) Sarah gave me the idea. Not bad?

English Drama was so awesome today! Form 1s did nursery rhymes. How cute is that?

Form 3s were THE BEST :D like seriously. L class did an impromptu show. I have to admit, even though they came up with the idea the VERY LAST MINUTE, it was hilarious. W class's drama was great. It was a sad and touching story. It was about some mom's sacrifice to her son and so on. Our class was SO SO SO AWESOME TOO! But W beat us flat. So did M. Pfft. M. No, actually its not pfft M, its just pfft one person from M. Not all of you guys. Hey our class was the funniest kayy! With James, Ethan, Mun Xin, Tim, Ryan, Kar and the best of all, Zing. Our story was about some drug thingy. How i wish someone had video the whole thing. Everyone was laughing their guts out except the judges -.- it was so hard for me to narrate too cause i was laughing like crazy back stage.

Sports update! Stupid Woei Cong, you better appreciate this post cause I'm trying to give you as many details as possible.

Girls basketball. Tied with M, 1-1 and won L, i forgotten the score.
Guys basketball. THEY WON ALL! :) They kick asses yo! Esp Zing ;) winknudge someone ;)

Girls Volleyball. LOST ALL! X) haha. Sorry! We don't give a shit bout volleyball. Especially me cause I can't serve for nuts and I tried to run away from the game but Kar, Ash and Sarah will drill me to the earth's core.
Guys volleyball. WON ALL TOO! :) Yes yes, guys are awesome. At times.

I got slap in the face by the volleyball today :(
And today's volleyball match include a lot of swearing. I did most of it. Hey i wasn't the only one kayy -.-  the players we had were so pissing off. They were being such _________( fill in the blanks with the most POLITE word) Jeez.

Thats about it I suppose.

So till then world :)

I like long text messages because I appreciate a complete thought :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

We were both young when I first saw you

Don't you feel great when you ask an old friend
" Hey, do you still remember me?"
And he said
" Why of course! :) I will never forget you"

Michelle had a gathering at her house yesterday. It was suppose to be an all-girls-party but then I have no idea what happened, the guys were invited. WOW. Gay party for the guys i guess? :)

Ethan. James. Steven. Kai Zing. Mun Xin. Jer Weann. Mich. Sarah. Carine. Me! :D

We were suppose to watch The Notebook, a really romantic and SAD movie but end up watching some dumb horror movie instead. Missed call. So freakin scary! I couldn't go to the toilet or bath or go into my room. Couldn't sleep too! :(  and Mun Xin couldn't stop giving me miss calls! Its damn scary Mun Xin! :'( I don't like being alone.

Like I said it was SUPPOSED to be a girls party so we painted nails. Yes the guys too. Well, only Ethan. I painted his toe nails black. He wanted it anyway. It was SO GAY but he liked it. of course there was the cam whoring session.

There they are :) awesome, no?

Yes, then we played with the hair curler. Only the girls did. The guys were SA-ing away in their SA land. Sarah curled Mich's hair while they frizzed my hair. Hey, its cool kay but no picture of it.

And Mich, thanks for the advice and sorry if i was too rude to you when you wanted to see my messages. I didn't mean to. I just don't know what will you guys think of me when you see it and I don't want you guys to hate me for it. I know you were hurt when i was so straight forward. I knew i shouldn't have been. Sorry! :(

School today.
Patriotic Song. I have to admit, I rocked :) Handball and netball, lets not talk about it. 

Basketball and volleyball tomorrow! :) I love love love basketball and screw volleyball. I'm gonna run away when P is playing. ask the sub to play. I sleep. 

Seriously, A walk to remember is a good book. Better than the movie. But its so different in the movie! Jeez, the book is better :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I heard your voice on the radio

Do you like books? Cause I know I do :)

I bought another 3 books today. Sorry people. I LOVE books. They're waayyy better than movies. Trust me. Books give you every single little details ;) Then you imagine the characters and the story yourself. Fascinating :)

I could spend hours in Borders just looking for A good book. Yes, A good book. One. Satu. Yi. Ichi. I like the smell and touch of books. And omg I better shut up because I can go on and on and on about book. So ZIP Belles  :X

I went to the gym this morning. I have ABSOLUTELY no idea why was i so lethargic :(  But I like to see the shape of muscles forming on my calf when I run on the treadmill. Its cool :) Thanks to YOU I nearly fall off when replying your text.



Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Talent or Skill?

Hello world :)

Do you like music or sports?

I won't say today was a great day or a bad day. I won't say it was okay too. So its just......a day.

Spelling Bee was the first morning activity. Sucked. Morning activities are BORING. The only interesting ones are Patriotic Song which is next Monday.

Games didn't go that well either. We lost to K in Netball. Can't blame them cause they were really good. But it wasn't a fair game as the teacher in-charge was being bias. Handball wasn't that great either. Tied with L at the last 10 second! Its like so whattheeff. Should have just wasted time. Its okay, its just a damn damn game. Handball with K was so bad. We got TRASHED.  Joe's shooting was like, WOW. And there were these boob slappers who kept on whacking people's boobs with the ball. Joe and I were like blowing kisses on the court :) haha. Pretty lame but at least we didn't bitch about.

I DON'T WANNA COME ON MONDAY! But i have to cause of the darn Patriotic Song which i can't afford to miss. Guitarist baybeh! :)

CSI IS ON! :) Bye people! I love CSI Miami. *wears sunglasses*

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

There's something bout love that breaks your heart

Awesome day! B)

Michelle and Hoong Yip came back! Hoong Yip i missed you so damn much! Mich too :)

Power point presentation in the morning and i nearly slept in there. But the form 2s presentation was interesting.

Skip skip skip.

We won netball game today. Awesome right? Handball too. But Ash hurt her ankle so she isn't playing tomorrow! :( darn it. Mich played handball with us :) I felt so useless cause I don't think i did anything good to the team. Guys can I not play?

I have heat stroke so goodnight people. But nice game today people! We did wayy more than good. We were awesome so keep it up tomorrow!

Please please I need some time alone.

Monday, November 1, 2010

He wouldn't chase after me

Why hello November :)

My blog is one year old! One year passed so quickly, the next thing you know everyone around you are gone and I'm form 4 with new bunch of friends which i hope,won't turn out like those________ (kar please fill in the blanks)

We shall not talk about sad things! :)

BK post exam thingy was first thing in the morning. I have to admit that MCK was pretty good but we still beat them. I think it wasn't fair cause madam didn't really clarify to them properly. LWP did a 4 man show! Ain't that just pro? Eu Jin's singing was good. Wow. But Sek Hao's was better ;) I sucked. I just learnt the song this morning. THIS MORNING.

Helped with the form 2 telematch right after the BK thing. I practically flew! Jon would say FWW :) Their games were way way way better than ours. I feel like a retard. Facis had flour fight! x) But i didn't really help with the clean up. SHHH ;)

Badminton was fun today! :) Oh wait, before that, carrom. Well, we kicked C class's ass. Thats all! I took pictures. Back to badminton. I didn't play for interclass. Ashley saved the damn day! :) and YES! she's back from Japan. Thanks for the little present dear. My badminton skills are NOT BAD! x) haha. Surprisingly. But still not pro enough to beat my siblings. Gosh my 9 year old brother can kick my ass in badminton. Jealous >:(

SOME ADULTS RUINED MY DAY AGAIN! :(( I don't get whats wrong with her. She likes to pick on me.

First, she said my shorts are TOO SHORT. Well my dear, i hope you have eyes cause there are others who wears shorts as short as underwears. But this was on some other day back.

Today, I wore skirt for Bk thing. It wasn't short! Its just because I have long legs thats why it looks short! :(( Jeez, is she just jealous or what?

I got a bruise on my hand cause I hold the badminton racquet wrongly. Ouch. I can't wait for tomorrow. Handball! :)

Chill Leon chill :) I'm here.