Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Let's make it worthwhile

School seems so empty today. I hope it'll be packed tomorrow cause the people from Penang are back!

Today was great I suppose. Won against W in captainball. Thats because their pro people are not here. So technically P got third for captainball. We could have gotten second if Sarah was here. Unfortunately she was coming back from Penang. But third is okay what right?? We'll do better at the other games. Cause we're just warming up ;)

Form 1 telematch is tomorrow! I'm more scared than them. At least i finish all the paper work already. Today Kar, Jer, Sarah and I learnt what happens when amnion bag breaks. It wets your whole body -.- thanks a bunch Kar.

Sek Hao sings so well! Its like omg. Is being cocky a good thing? Apparently not.

Scene 1
*Isabelle plays guitar, Lovebug by Jonas Brother*

Jeez -.-

Hmm, there's nothing much to blog about anyway :/ Mich is coming back next Tuesday <3 thats news.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Let go of your past

Hello hello! :)

Post exam started today. But so many people went for the Penang trip! The form 3 classes are like so darn empty. All the fun people left and (some of) the not-so-fun ones stayed. Like me. And they won't be back till Thursday.

We watch this movie called "Every Child is Special". Its a Tamil movie. Pretty cool! Who says tamil movies suck. But it was so so so long winded. The main character is so damn cute! And his teeth reminds me of Daniel Lee's :P  Sorry! :)  The actor Aamir Khan is hot! Can't believe he's 40+ years old. He looks like 30 something. Indian girls go and stalk him! :)

Captainball girls was after lunch. The guys got trashed by L class today. 3-0 if I'm not mistaken. Girls drew with L and lost to K by one damn mark. Oh Reyna Reyna Reyna, why are you not here to save me? I need inspiration from youu! And we need you to win too! :)

Kar got a guitar! So go on and practice what i taught you. And guitar is sexy isn't it? ;)

She just ruined my mood today. Two face bitch. I don't know whats wrong with her. Alright, I'm not saying anymore in case I get more pissed and write more stuff which will make it more obvious. So byee! :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

(Mr. Big) To Be With You - Sungha Jung

 Think you're so good at guitar? ;)

Think again.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Runaway

Hello world! :)

I'm back from the peace and quiet of Tai Ping :) which was so awesome. At first i was complaining that i had to go to the trip but it ended up a hell lot better than what I expected. What I expected was it to be super boring and lonely and SAD because my friends ditch me for good. But then I had the most awesome time of my life :)

We had such a warm welcome when we arrive at Tai Ping. A naked man by the road. Wow. And I'm serious. N.A.K.E.D. like nothing on. no, not even pants and underwear. Just bare. And hell it was so so so disturbing. Until now Mok can't even get it out of his head. Oh gosh :/

First night was horror movies and then gossip girls during bed time :) Jing crashed into Jo and my room. How awesome is that? Second night was Man U game and the game card of Mafia, Healer and Investigator :) slept at 3. Mok and Riyen crashed into our room tonight. Mok was the only guy and his alarm was so damn annoying. Jing-girl-bells :)

All in all, I had the greatest weekend with the greatest people :)  during trips like these, secrets spills out thankyouverymuchethan and you get to know people better. Seriously, I never thought Alex was such a nice guy. We shall have more trips like this next time yo! :)

Little update? Lamberts concert was so awesome! With the right people ;) Adam sounds exactly the same from his songs. So worth going even though the concert was short.

OMG people are you blind? He's too hot to be gay :)

I might get your heart racing
In my skin-tight jeans
Be your teenage dream tonight
Teenage Dream- Katy Perry

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Hello Readers! :) If there are any.

One more day till Entrance Exam is over! And Lambert's tomorrow! :) Its my first concert. Yes, I've never been to one. so what?

There's so many things I wanna do after tomorrow

1. Relax
2. Sleep. ohhowmuchimissmybed
3. Go back to guitar classes
4. Get my DSLR
5. HANG OUT! :)  [yes with you guys! <3 ]
6. Make a band? ._.
7. Baking with Ken
8. Hello Music! :)
9. Swim and tennis and basketball
10. You :)

You know, there's this dude who sits behind me during exam, he loves kicking my chair when I'm thinking, kick my hand when i put it behind, sticks his tongue out at the invigilator, pokes me when he's bored, giggles like a girl behind me, STEALS MY FRENCH FRIES ERASER! Grrr... and this dude I'm talking about, had always been behind/in front of me during exams. Whatever the exam is, he's there behind or in front. FOR 3 YEARS STRAIGHT! I just love it when he's in front, cause i throw stuffs and gets to kick his chair :) But its kinda fun having him making fun around :)

Don’t say yes, run away now

I’ll meet you when you’re out of the church at the backdoor
Don’t wait or say a single vow
You need to hear me out and they said speak now
- Speak Now.  Taylor Swift

Tuesday, October 12, 2010




so its just partying from now on :)

but wait, there's still Form 4 Entrance Exam. And I'm SCARED!! :((

Went to Gardens with Mich, Kar and Sarah today. Sadly, this Jer Weann and Ashley couldn't come. Ash COULDN'T come but Jer DIDN'T want to come cause she rather stay at home and study for Entrance Exam. Grrrr... Plain lifeless don't you think?

I'm sorry but there's no picture to be shown cause we didn't take any. We were too busy shopping :) Can't believe today is Michelle's last day! :(   why why why do you have to leave us and go to Alice Smith? :( We'll miss you like crazy! :(   school won't be the same without her anymore. Its like a part of us is missing, a part of out lameness is gone. Without her is like a year without rain. The missing last piece of a jigsaw puzzle. Just come back and visit us alright? <3

Well gotta study for Entrance now :)


Saturday, October 9, 2010

The world never stops spinning

You know, I have this really really bad habit of playing my guitar and totally forgotten to reply people's text. I'm so sorry Tim! :(

2 more days till PMR is over! ( I have chinese yo!). But for some reasons, it feels like PMR is over. Maybe because the worst part is OVER!!! :D

Hello Maths and KH :) Imma shoot you down on Monday ;) watch out.

Chinese, I don't give a damn bout you. Cause you're just a bitch :)
Sorry Mich and Kar, but my Chinese is just hopeless :P

Sometimes, I look back and thought, what if I never said those things to you, what if I didn't did what I did, or saw what I saw, thought what I thought. WHAT IF. Word of regrets huh? Tell me bout it. But yea, I really wanna know what would happen :)