Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve

Hey :)

OMG its New Year's Eve already? *gasp* Time flies. School's gonna start. The other time I didn't wanted school to end, but now I wish holidays don't end! I have to wake up at 5:30am again! *grunts* *whines*

I couldn't sleep last night :( Asthma attack. Minor one. My mom, lil' bro and sis wasn't sleeping. They were watching Hannah Montana. So I joined them. It was 12am. When I went back to my room, I got a miss call from Michy :) So I ask her to call back. And she did :) Of course. She's still wide awake. Just finish talking to her _______. Haha! We talked about sensitive stuff :) Right Mich? She tells me everthing and I tell her everything. Best friends :D We talked for 28 minutes. Long right? I slept at 1 something :)

Woke up at 9:30am. Meng Kit's text woke me up. Asked me 'bout the outing on Saturday :D So yea, I got up, replied him, and went back to sleep. Have to do all the callings today. Ryan return my call. And talk about sex -.- So i shut him up. Tsk tsk Ryan..I'm gonna tell your mom. Then Zing called. I didn't know Mich was on the line too. Haha! Both of them pakat to bully me. Smack both of you nicely when school starts :P

Afternoon was boring as ever. Had dinner with Sue Yi and family :D Had Japanese food. Now I'm stuffed. They couldn't come to my house today! D: But it New Years Uncle Albert! Ah well.. Had cendol for dessert. I sat in Uncle Albert's car on the way to the cendol place :) Sue Yi, BB and I were like, talking bout a game. And laughing like crazy. I always laugh when I talk to them :D Its like a disease. When we got down, I saw this shop called Babyjaya and started laughing. So did Sue Yi. Yes, I know. We're nuts. While having cendol also laugh :D My family always celebrate New Years with Uncle Albert and family :) Hehe.. Remember Sue Yi, I had beer last year. Haha!

Matty came back from Europe today! *hapee hapee* I missed him a lot! Matty saw his _____ on the plane. Same flight. What a coincidence Matty :) I'm sure you're very happy. Happy until cannot sleep tonight. Doing some catching up with him now :) And he loves to talk about sex. Again! Like Ryan. So I'm gonna smack you this Saturday. Watch out. And you know that I don't like talking bout it. MATT! I don't want the details :D If you do tell know what you'll get :D

I shall upload camp pictures when I get it from Auntie Lin :D There's thousands!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!! :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Here we go again

Great. So I'm going to Penang tomorrow. Pfft. Gonna celebrate Christmas there. :( Ah well..

Sunday, December 20, 2009


Hey :)

I'm back from camp! I so love camp! :DD I'm now camp sick D:

Day 1
I woke up at 6am and was like, YESH, camp today! *grins* I had, a piece of cake and milo. Daddy and mummy and little brother send me and my sister to gather at the National Musuem. When I got there, there were like, so little people. I guess not many people came this year. Plus there're more guys than girls. Raquel didn't come! D: She so ditched me. Sue Yi was in Blue, My sister and BB was in green. I'm in Red. Great. I'm totally ditched. At least I met Siew May. She reminds me of my old best friend. So we got along very well :D it was kinda boring in the bus. Siew May slept and I watch Kung Fu Panda. This year's shirt was green colour. Very cute :) Got there at 11 something and everyone changed into the shirt. We check into our dorm after photography session. All the girls in one dorm. They're like only 22 girls :) I'm sleeping beside Sue Yi and Siew May. Our dear Sue Yi was dorm leader. There are some new instructors this year. Like, Andrew, Ivan, Kok Wai and Auntie Lin and others..? *shrugs* There's these talk about communication, Strategic planning and Leadership/Health infectious disease after lunch. Fire fighting thingy after that. Ice breaking session was fun! They give you this paper with funny questions. And Balloon game where our team was separated into two groups. And balloon was like stuck between us and we have to move without letting the balloons drop. Great fun. And another one which we had to pass a banana with our feet to the back. The last person has to eat it. So yuck. Of course no one will eat it. Its just too yuck. Water Bomb was AWESOME! Haha! Everyone got wet. Well, almost everyone :) Clean Up and bath. Guess what. I brought everything i need into the bathroom except my TOWEL! So i had to ask my sis to take it for me. I was taking kinda long and people was complaining so I had to come out half naked. Sigh. Was raining and I didn't bring my jacket to the Dewan, it was freezing. First Aid talk after dinner. I was half asleep. I was sleepy kayy! Then suddenly I heard balloons bursting and people screaming. Some people was "hurt" and needed "help". Me, who was half asleep, didn't get anything inside my head. So I didn't do anything except for standing there and watch. Plus, the blood looks real so i was scared. I can never be a doctor. I'll faint. We chose our leader after that. AIMAN! *clap hands* Marsya's brother :) Jim was medical officer. Thank God i wasn't leader. I suck :P 10:30 lights out!

Day 2
I woke up at 6! The first to wake up. And i woke everyone up :) *feels proud* Morning exercise was conducted by Green Team. It was ok until when they did Jai Ho. Haha! My sister was so funny. So cute. Today was the BEST. Red and Yellow did flying fox, high ropes and abseiling first. While Green and Blue did kayaking and lake crossing. It was so long cause we have to wait for our turn to get the gears. We practice our morning exercise while waiting. Siew May, Fatimah, Marsya, Sheng Yang, Sheng Wei and I are gonna conduct it tomorrow :) Then i finally got my gear. Haha! Flying fox was as awesome as ever. So was abseiling. But high ropes wasn't fun. Not as fun. It was scary. I NEARLY couldn't do the first one. I was halfway there and i couldn't do it anymore. It was so scary! But I did it! Instructors and everyone gave some motivation and I did it! Haha! Thanks guys. And God of course. The second one was ok. Third one was scary too. I was wearing surf pants so my calf hurts. Well I did EVERYTHING! Haha! I had heavy lunch. I was REALLY hungry! We did kayaking and lake crossing after lunch and after the rain stop. kayaking was fun! Haha! Siew May was my partner. Like duh :) We splash water at each other. Sheng Yang and Jim kept on splashing water at Siew May and me. Drenched in less than 1 minute. Siew May and I splash water at Fatimah and Marsya too! So they're drenched as well. Asyraf and Vicky also kena. Sheng Wei as well :) technically EVERYONE. I splash Kok Wai. Heh x) We did lake crossing after that. There were so many fishes at the other side of the lake. And I mean A LOT. It started to rain and we can't do anything. Pfft. I didn't forget to bring my towel when we went to bath :) Education bout Outdoor after dinner and then camp fire. Camp fire was nice. It didn't rain. Thank God. I get to play the guitar! But i suck :P Played limbo and bamboo dance :) I can actually do limbo. haha! Then the bomb game. Tonight was really great. Slept at 10. Some girls were talking and laughing really loudly but I drop dead on the bed :D

Day 3
I woke up at 5:30 today. No one woke up with me. So alone. I plan to bath, but I didn't. Know why? Cause the water was too cold. I went into the shower and stared at the shower thingy for a while, then planned not to. Hehe.. Dumb right? Wake up at 5:30 for nothing. So I brush my teeth and change. Then slept for a while. Morning exercise! I don't think anyone can hear me from the stage :P Jungle trekking after breakfast. Place was so muddy and yucky. And a lot of leeches. The guys pick the harder route so we had to walk for a long time. Marsya was clinging on to me. Haha! So cute. She's so scared of leeches. You too, Siew May. Me too :D My hands are so dirty. Vignesh helped me up to slope. He helped everyone. Such a nice guy. I got a leech bite. On my heel. Marsya and Siew May didn't get. Lucky them. Fatimah got three. Your blood too sweet, Fatimah :) I was with Siew May, Fatimah, Asyraf and Vicky for scavenger hunt. We walked bare foot cause our shoes were very dirty. Went back and change into our sandals after lunch. It was raining so no par course. Auntie Jo taught us how to dance to the song Jai Ho. We danced and played some games since its raining. Poor Green and Blue. They gotta trek in the rain. Did camp cooking when the rain stop. The instructors taught us how to make lemang using bamboo. Auntie Looi taught us how to bake chicken and bake chocolate muffins. Its nice :) When the muffin was done, we ate like desperate people. Haha! :) It started to rain so we went back and bath. Well, I did. Siew May they all didn't. I couldn't stand being dirty so I had to bath. No night walk. It was raining. hah! Luckily I bath. They taught us how to make rubbish enzyme. Its so yucky when we made it. Kok Wai caught a praying mantis. And this dude, i don't remember who, picked up a bug, i think it was a cockroach, and threw it at Fatimah and me. So we ran back to our dorm. Dummy guy. Marsya gave me a new nickname when we're at the dorm. Bella Swan/Foo. Everyone calls me Bella over there. Bella from Twilight. And Vicky loves to say, Where's your vampire boyfriend? OR Ask your vampire boyfriend to save you. So from then on, Marsya calls me Bella Swan/Foo.

Day 4
I woke up 5 minutes late today. 6:05am. I wasn't the first to wake up anymore :( Plan to bath today but the same thing happened. Blue Team did morning exercise. It was..........different. Did single rope technique after breakfast. I don't know why but i can't do it. Ack. I'm so useless. Pfft. Par course later on. It was really fun! I fell into the pool when doing monkey bars. -.- I can NEVER do monkey bars. Sheng Wei is so mean. He wanted me to fall and I did. So bad right? I'm drenched. I didn't drop into the pool at the tarzan swing. I did it! Haha! Sheng Wei drop into the pool. Good. Now we're even. You're wet, I'm wet. :) Commander crawl. I picked the sandy part and now my elbow hurts. I didn't listen to my mummy. I'm all sand. Hugging time! So everyone was dirty. Even Andrew. I wiped sand on Fatimah and Sheng Wei. And Sheng Wei HAD to wipe MUD on me. Sand and mud, two different elements. Yukk. Well at least everyone had fun. Siew May, Fatimah and I used the shower at where the lake is. Bathing with clothes on :) Bath after lunch. Then talent time preparation. I have to say, the dance was awesome :) Everything was great. Talent time was great. DISCO wasn't great. It was OHSOAWESOME. :DD I SO LOVE DISCO. Haha! Dance non stop! Went back to the dorm at 1am. I have neckache. Too much dancing.

Day 5
I SO DON'T LIKE THIS DAY!! :( I woke up at 6! Hah! And bath. FINALLY! Well I won't say bath. I just wash my hair and put water on my body :D Morning exercise was conducted by.....*drums roll* Yellow Team! Ok i'm being really lame -.- They totally changed the moves for the Chicken Dance and Pizza Hut. So funny :) We pack our bag after breakfast. Last day. Going home :( I finish packing in 15 minutes. So we all like, talk after packing. Exchanging contact numbers and stuff. Laughing really hard. We tickle Sue Yi too! Haha! Sue Yen and I pinned her on her bed, Fatimah tickle her like crazy. Then she bang her head on the locker. And started laughing really hard. I wonder how hard she hit her head cause she can't stop laughing. I can't stop laughing too. Bet people think we're crazy. Camp briefing bout what has been achieved and certificate & prize presentation after packing and cleaning up. After that was lunch. Asked instructors to write down their contacts while waiting for the bus. Depart for KL after that. I slept in the bus. I was tired! I didn't go down at the R&R station. I need to sleep! Fatimah and I bullied Siew May all the way back. Haha! We're mean people :P Sorry dear, we couldn't resist. PS: her pictures are cute *grins* Did our LAST WAR CRY before we got down :( Hugged Siew May and Fatimah and Marsya and Fatihah.. :( I nearly cried. But i hold it back. I managed to. But when i got home I broke down :'( I'm gonna miss being called Bella Swan/Foo. I'm gonna miss all the awesome people there. except Gerard. Gonna miss camp. All the fun and the laughing. Gonna miss Vicky saying, Bella, where's your vampire boyfriend and stuff. Btw Vicky, I don't have a boyfriend :) Gonna miss getting dirty!! The disco.. sigh *cries* But all the memories will stay with me forever. Thanks instructors and everyone for this AWESOME camp! Thanks for the memories. Thanks for EVERYTHING :) Love you guys always.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Leave Me

Sorry bloggy!! I totally forgotten bout you ): Thanks Matty for reminding me :D


Hey :)

I'm back from Thailand and Turkey :D gonna go for camp on the 16 till 20 and Penang from 24 till...someday... :)

Days have been pretty boring. Same old same old. Wake up. No breakfast cuz i wake up at 11..hehe.. Bath. Lunch. TV. Guitar. Books. Dinner. Comp. Matt. Sleep.

I woke up this morning with my hair all over my face. I thought I heard my cousin outside so I went out and the comp repair man was outside. So embarrassing! He's quite cute so yea...Hair messy + weird pjs. Gosh. Then I quickly took a shower :D

Watched Phineas and Ferb again! I'm getting more and more childish.

Gee, there's nothing to blog about... Well, I'll leave you all with this line. And try to figure it out.

" I shouldn't have said what I said. You made me more miserable. I want my life back"

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Have My Heart

Hey :)

Time flies. Don't you agree? Its already December. Gosh, I wish time would just stop.

I slept in today :D That's why I was late to Ryan's house. Whooppss.. It We finished something :) I can't say it out here though x) You'll know it, eventually.

Sara-ann was there too! :)

At dinner time, daddy said that we're going overseas again. Yay! :D Can't wait

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Home Sweet Home <3

Hey :)

Sorry for not updating. I was in Turkey :) It was AWESOME. I could live there and not come back :D

Sorry I'm not gonna do a proper post today cause I'm jet lagged.. I didn't sleep the whole night. SORRY!!! >< I need more sleep...