Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Blow the Candles :)

Oh no..I'm getting older D:


Zing started to sing Happy Birthday to me in class. Then Steven came in and sang again. -.- gosh, you guys... KAR YEE! Thank you for your FUNNY PRESENT X) and the card :) Yes Kar, I love the card very much and the present with DKNY all over it. 

Thank you for singing Happy Birthday to me again and again and again. I think it was more then 6 times. And Kar Yee! Thank you for the awesome cake :D It didn't taste like medicine..I really didn't expect you to buy me a cake and celebrate my birthday in school. I feel so appreciated :)

Thank you Meng Kit for the pretty necklace. Its really nice :) And Tim Wai, thanks for the drawing and necklace :) 

Jeremy Chor, thanks for wishing me for nearly 10 times :)

Thanks for all the wishes and hugs and kisses :) and the cake.
My cheek lost its first kiss to Rachel Wing :P

Sunday, May 9, 2010



Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Hey :)

School suck! >:(  We had Sejarah test and it suck! I studied like crap last night! But when i received the paper, I panicked, and forgotten everything. Damn shit right? Got me so pissed.

Surprisingly, even though today's classes were boring, I actually paid attention. Something is really wrong with me these days. I don't know what. I was so messed up during Maths. I need a new Math exercise book and the bookshop wasn't open.

Oh, PJK was fun! Thats the best thing bout today. PJK. :) Kar, Jer, Ash and I played volleyball. Yes, only the four of us. Then suddenly Kar got this BRILLIANT idea.

Kar:" Hey, lets make this game more interesting. Every time you volley the ball, make a snorting sound."

I stared at her with wide eyes. Ash and Jer was like, Ok.  I just watch them play. And it was HILARIOUS! I didn't get to play cause I was laughing really hard whole time. So I got hit by the ball. Later we changed it to animal sound. Jer was so funny with her animal sound. I couldn't volley the ball properly. I had to "miao" when i volley the ball.

Calvin Chew Zhi Shen reads Cecilia Ahern's book! :) And its great to be in touch with Hock Hong again :)

Isabelle:" Whats up, Gene."
Eugene:" The sky la. I swear, people are getting dumber these days :P"

Thank you to my dearest friends for being there for me :) Iheartyouguysforever.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I can't put this down

Hey :)

I know, I should be doing my homework now. But I'm too lazy and I'm addicted to Facebook. D: Its like drugs.

Its already May! PMR is just 5 months away. This is scary.

Its already May and I still haven't taken out my braces! Oh nos! I'm so slow..stupid teeth. Move faster! D: I need you out before concert!

I need a new phone.

Was chatting with Matt Khoo :) and fighting with Tim Khoo. :D Its fun!

I'm in love with All Time Low. Their songs are awesome and the singer ish hawt! :D Thanks To Kyew.

Fighting with Matt Khoo is fun too! You ding dong rotten mango!