Saturday, February 5, 2011

OMG yay! i can upload pictures again. Maybe i don't have to dump this blog after all (;

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dear readers,

I have moved on. Like everyone else. We all gotta go someday.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Long time no see?


OMGOSH. I haven't been updating since forever. Well blame blogger. They won't allow me to upload anymore pictures :( And i express myself through pictures. Wonder what do I do without them?

Hi I'm Isabelle and now a sad sad form 4 students who dreams big and is dying to drive :)

times out.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Electric guitar or iPod

iPod or Electric guitar

omg i HATE blogger. i can't upload anymore pictures! >:( WHY!

so, sorry people! i can't upload Japan pictures or aussie pictures >:(

Thursday, December 2, 2010


With love from Japan

HEYYY!!! I'm back from the country of the rising sun. I'm gonna miss it :( such an awesome place but never mind! i shall study and there and work there and live there and.....................

I'm taking another G6 to Aussie tomorrow. YES. TOMORROW. and YES. I just came back. Tiring. But hell yea its gonna be fun :) SO I CAN'T WAIT! Yea, I wanna get out from this misery.

Well i wish i could share my memories through texts but i suppose pictures would be nicer,no? Imma let you see Japan through my eyes

Day 1

The hotel I stayed in :)

Nagoya City

The Nagoya Castle


Dinner :)

I have put on a lot of weight

Like seriously.

Day 2

In the train

on the way

to Gero Onzen

famous place for skinny dipping ;D

I love Fall :)

Hell yea ;D

Night lightings of the changing colours of the leaves

No, no skiiny dipping pictures x)

Day 3


Dad's friends

Yea, it was raining the whole day.

But Japanese rain are pretty.

Day 4

The morning market in Takayama

First time seeing snow :)

A failed snowman :P

Day 5
The small town of Kanazawa

hmm, looks like thats all i can update today :( screw blogger. something bout not enough space or shit. blah. I still have like, 5/6 more days to be updated! Grr, and i'm leaving for aussie tomorrow and i won't be able to update ANYTHING for ONE WHOLE MONTH cause my dad is not gonna bring the lappy to Aussie D: